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Li Zhaodao


If Jaadoo was the son of a famous Tang administrator and artist Lee Susunya. Unlike the "big If" historical information "younger Li" is extremely scarce. Song dynasty critic and theorist Go Josui in his "Notes on painting: what you have seen and heard" reports that: "... Little General Lee was the son of Lee Susunya. Sisung... was promoted to the rank of Great General Wuwei. His son, Jodo held the position junse the heir to the throne. And the father and son were talented painters. When my father died, people began to call, Qiaodao "Little General Lee." Of this, the specialists concluded that If the younger followed in the footsteps of his father, made a good administrative career and continued the family tradition of "blue-green landscape".

Real works Whether Jaadoo not preserved. His name is usually associated with the painting "Minhwan Journey to Shu", which is stored in the National Museum of Taipei. This outstanding example "of blue-green landscape" - perhaps the best that has survived from the Tang landscape painting. In contrast to early landscape that was only a stage for any event, in this painting landscape dominates and suppresses. Huge mountains here are the main characters, and the Emperor with his entourage get lost in the wide valley. The Majesty of the landscape, inherent in this work will be continued in the works of artists of period of the Five dynasties and song.


Chinese tradition ascribes the "Journey Minhwan in Shu" brush Lee Jodo, however, serious reason to think so from the experts virtually none. The fact that the painting depicts is not "the journey", and the flight Minhwan (Emperor Swanston) to the South from the armies of an Lushan; "journey" in this case is only a euphemism befitting the Son of Heaven. However, this event occurred 15 years after the artist's death, so to portray him, he could not. Modern experts believe that this is a song dynasty copy of the painting, which was created about 800 years unknown Tang artist who worked in the style of the Lee family.

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