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Nikolayevich Zankovsky

Russia • 1832−1919

He studied at St. Petersburg Academy of arts (1862 – 1863). From 1888 he exhibited paintings at the exhibitions of the Caucasian society for the encouragement of fine arts, Islands of mutual Caucasian artists, ORA, etc. Among his works are mainly the types of the Caucasus. For a skillful transmission of light effects. He taught at the art schools of Tbilisi. Works are in state Russian Museum, Odessa XM, and many other Museum and private collections.

For Ilya Nikolaevich Zankovskaya (Zankovskaya) the painting was for some time a minor. A short time he attended the Academy of arts in St. Petersburg (1862-1863), where he received some theoretical knowledge and artistic skills. In future I. N. Zankovskaya lived in Tiflis, where he served in the Military-topographical Department of the Caucasian military district.


Frequent travel to various regions of the Caucasus have allowed him to create a large series of wonderful landscapes of the mountainous region. Among the works of the artist stand out for their expressiveness "Elbrus", "Georgian Military road", "Daryal gorge", "main ridge", "Albergo", "Mount Ararat", "main ridge", "Mountain Uzhba. Halt of the hunters", "a Mountain village in the moonlight", "the View of Gunib on the gorge", "Sur", "Caucasus", "the forest", "steppe", "Kazbek at dawn", "Mountain range", "View of Erivan and Ararat", "the Hut of Shamil at Gunib", "the Place of delivery of Shamil at Gunib".


Your I. N. Zankovskaya exhibited at the exhibitions of the Caucasian society for encouragement of fine arts and the Society of mutual Caucasian artists. Both companies were great organizational work and actively contributed to the development of art in this region of Russia. Was associated painter and with the Society of Russian watercolors, exhibitions of which he sent his watercolors. In the last quarter of the XIX century in Tbilisi, as in many major cities of Russia began to work drawing school, converted in 1886 to the School of drawing and painting at the Caucasian society for encouragement of fine arts. From this year until the end of his days I. N. Zankovskaya worked as a teacher in this school, teaching young Caucasians favorite cause of his life.

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