Stepanovich Sirenko

Russia • born in 1938

Biography and information

Valentin Sirenko was born on 13 APR 1938 in Lubny Poltava region. In 1961 he entered the Kiev state art Institute (the Ukrainian Academy of arts), graduating in 1967 with a degree architect-artist.

Lives and works in Odessa.

Defining their place among the directions and currents of modern art, Valentin Sirenko consider themselves representatives of the Ukrainian existential avant-garde. His works, the artist described in the following statement: "a Creative person must be constantly overcome himself, to go beyond your limits, to respond to the expressive means of art on the sensations, coming in the moment "existence" - creative ecstasy." To portrayed the author, whether portrait or still life; painfully protest city sketches or socio-symbolic collages all the works impress with their flexibility and brightness of figurative language.

Work V. Sirenko are in art museums of Odessa, galleries in France, Belgium, USA, in private collections of Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Canada, USA, Argentina.

Valentin Sirenko participated in exhibitions held in the CIS countries, France, England, Japan, USA.

His most recent exhibition "Color and Nudes" was held in Odessa Museum of modern art in January 2009

The exhibition presents the artist's graphic works 80-90-ies. Originality, even extravagance, a willingness to experiment characteristic of the work of this author. In the chart the same way as in painting, he is excessively emotional. Most of the exhibited works devoted to the woman the source and goal of all the emotions and achievements. At the same time, it continued a private search of images and meanings that allows the artist to be constantly different, while remaining true to oneself.

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