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France • 1430−1484

One of the first important figures of the French Renaissance. Worked in the South of France, mainly for rené of Anjou (he is credited with two pairs of portrait of Rene and his wife). Currently, only two works can be considered as undoubtedly belonging to the painter: "Mary — the burning Bush" (1476, er-de-Provence, the Cathedral) and "Resurrection of Lazarus" (1461, Uffizi gallery, Florence).

The exact date of birth unknown, estimated to include approximately 1435 Some experts believe his birthplace, the town of Uzes (Languedoc), as he documents the town was first mentioned in 1465 Others believe it comes from Artois or Picardy, because of his early manner of evidence was a Flemish painter training. Most scientists agree that 1460-61. Nikola lived in the Netherlands, and confirms it performed in those years, the triptych "the raising of Lazarus". In approximately 1465, the artist moved to Avignon, where it has great success, receiving many commissions from private individuals and the City Council, which allowed him to purchase three adjoining houses on the corner of the square Puit-de-Boeuf, which was the main shopping area of the city and near the papal Palace. About 1475 Nicola becomes court painter to king rené of Anjou, who since 1471, the permanent place of residence entered Provence. In this capacity, Froman remains until the death of king rené in 1480 In mid-1475 Rene orders him a triptych of the "burning Bush." 1476 date the document telling about the last known payment works artist: Rene of Anjou 1476 bought in Avignon a new building for his residence and drew Nikola Froman together with other artists to update and decorations. In addition to these team works, Froman has created many works for the king's residence in Avignon and AIX. After the death of rené of Anjou Froman continued to work for the City Council of Avignon until his death. The date of his death referred to 1483-84. Nikola Froman had a son, Nicolas Jr., who also became a painter (CA. 1467-1522).

To have survived only two authentic works by Nicolas Froman. This triptych "the raising of Lazarus" and the triptych of the burning Bush. The remaining few works are attributed to him by analogy.

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