Fedorovich Khryakov

Russia • 1903−1976

Biography and information

Training in WAH was held at the faculty of architecture.

Honored. architect Of the RSFSR (1969). Graduated from the Leningrad. AH (1928). From 1930 he worked at the Institute lenproekt, the author of the residential projects and societies. the buildings in Leningrad. From 1933 in Moscow, 1955 hands. workshop of Institute "Mosproject". One of the authors of the project of Moscow state University (1949-53), the Center. stadium in Luzhniki (1955-56), the houses on Chkalov St. (1950-55), K-t-ditch "Ukraine" (1961) and "Borodino" (1965) and other buildings. The Winner Of The St. (1949) and Flax. (1959) St.

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