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Grigorievich Langbard

Russia • 1882−1951

Student of the Academy of arts from 1907 to 1914 28 may 1914 the title of artist-architect for the project "building of the State Council".


(1882 — 1951) was born in Bielsk, Grodno province (now the territory of Poland). In 1907 he came to St. Petersburg. Graduated from St. Petersburg Academy of arts, class of Professor A. N. Pomerantsev (1914). From 1918 to 1932 he worked in the office building of the city health Department in Petrograd-Leningrad. Participated in numerous architectural competitions of the 1920 — 1930s years. Since 1935 — Professor of the Academy of arts. Board member and one of the initiators of the Union of architects of the USSR. Honored art worker of the Byelorussian SSR. Lived and worked in Leningrad. Despite this, the main buildings Lumbarda are located on the territory of Belarus and Ukraine.

From the first steps of self-activity Langbard involved in active architectural life of Petrograd –Leningrad: participated in the development of new types of public and residential buildings, memorial structures. This is evidenced by the competitive building projects of the Metropolitan crematorium in the garden of the Alexander Nevsky monastery (1919), the regional term for Cotton island (1920), Lenin monument at the Finland station (1924), the bakery on the Kherson street (1926), the House of Councils on Moskovsky prospectus (together with S. A. Turka and N. F. Khomutetsky, 1936), etc. including one implemented project of a residential building 300 flats for workers of the plant "Red triangle" on Old-Peterhof prospect, 21 (1927-1929).

One of the best executed works of the architect - House project of the government of the Byelorussian SSR in Minsk (1929-1930).. In this project reflected the characteristic features of the creative method of the architect – the clarity and conciseness of the composition, the generality of forms and harmony of architectural masses. In the 1930-ies project Langbard was built several public buildings in different cities of the country. At the exhibition you can see the building projects of the Belarusian Academy of Sciences, House of the red army to them. Voroshilov, the Belarusian State Opera and ballet theatre (1934-1939) in Minsk; the House of Soviets in Mogilev (1938-1939), the Government center of Kiev (1934-1939, partially implemented) etc.

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