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Georges de

France • 1868−1943

Biography and information

The son of a Dutchman and the Belgian, Georges de feure was born in Paris and was a true Parisian spirit. A connoisseur of feminine beauty, as a priest, worshipping a single deity, Georges de fer sang in his art, Woman, embodying it in a graceful and subtle forms of Art Nouveau (modernism). Speaking on a spiritual successor to Beardsley, the artist creates elegant way Parisian women, women around 1900, provocative, seductive and painfully-the vicious ("Seeker of Infinity", CA. 1897).

First presented by the artist's watercolor work in the salon of "rose + Cross" bring him fame. Speaking as a designer, he builds his deity "temple." He is interested in what surrounds the woman: clothing, furniture, interior decoration, starting with dressing room and boudoir.

Fer uses only the most expensive and valuable materials: onyx, silver-plated tree, merging into the harmony of pale gray colors.

In addition to painting and design, the artist is also successful in other areas of the arts: practicing weaving, creates thumbnails for carpets, doing illustrations in his beloved watercolors, in particular, to the "Gate of dreams" by M. Swaba.

In 1900, on the order of Bing, he is making the facade of the pavilion at the world exhibition in Paris.