born in XX century

Biography and information

Jeffrey T. Larson was born in 1962 in Two harbors, Minnesota. He was trained manner of the old masters at the prestigious Atelier Lack, a Studio / school whose teaching methods are through impressionism and date back to the 19th century French academism. He then, following his 4-year training, studying in the United States and abroad.
1980 - 1983. The University Of Minnesota. Studied human anatomy.
1984 Atelier Lack, Minneapolis, MN - Completion of a comprehensive four-year program, including craft and technique of the old masters.
1988. Minneapolis, mn - Private foundries. Studied bronze casting and finishing.
Was engaged in teaching.

Jeffrey Larson fascinates at first sight and deeply. He is an American artist and it is evident in his manner, but it has something distinctive, sophisticated and sensuously beautiful. Something that distinguishes him from many contemporaries.
His paintings are impressive motives. It would seem that the most ordinary activities, classes and objects come to life under his brush. The play of light and shadow, the subtlety of the color to create impressive paintings that are ripped from reality and immerse in its magic world of impressions and feelings. Among his works are dominated by the amazing realistic still lifes, but also portraits and genre works with his wife and daughter, where one of the frequently recurring themes is the hanging clothes.