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Russia • 1893−1984

August Annuss studied in a Russian school city of Liepaja, where he showed his first interest in art.

In 1913, he goes to art school in Kiev, but because of the war the school was discontinued, and A. Annuss goes to St. Petersburg, where his parents settled. In St. Petersburg he entered the Central school of technical drawing Stieglitz, poedaet also the art Studio of Seidenberg, and in the evenings goes to school of the Imperial society protection arts in the Studio of Kuinji at the time to learn Roerich, Himona and Rylov. The Stieglitz school, studying the art of fresco, A. Annuss works in the workshop of V. Shukhaev at the Academy of fine arts and also received by the faculty of history and filologii at St. Petersburg University.

In 1918 his family vozvrashaetsja to Liepaja. After 1918, the artist works as a teacher in Liepaja and paints the scenery for the New theatre in this city (1921 – 23).

In 1923 A. Annuss goes to Spain and in General in the 1920 – 30s, the it with educational purpose poedaet France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Finland, UK, Italy.

In 1923, the artist enters in a figurative workshop. Tillberga the Latvian Academy of arts in 1926 and graduated from it with diploma work "In the Liepaja shipyard".

Since 1923, his works were exhibited in the exhibitions of the society of Independent artists in Riga, and in 1928 – 32 years – in the exhibitions of the society of Latvian artists.

Since 1933 A. Annus member of society “Sadarbs” and takes part in its exhibitions and also in international exhibitions organized by the Foundation of culture and government.

Since 1932 (excluding the year 1940/41), the artist worked as a teacher at the Latvian Academy of arts, taught drawing acts.

In 1944 together with his family A. Annuss goes to Germany. There in Ravensburg, together with Murom sculptor and architect W. Alberta staged an art exhibition. In Alzingen in turn he created the Latvian Association of artists and was Chairman of before in the United States in 1949. At that time the artist has participated in exhibitions of Latvian and Ballisticheskih in Germany (1945 – 49), the Hage, Amsterdam, Paris (1949).

While staying at new York, A. Annuss directs the section visual arts at the Bureau of culture of the Latvian Association of America. He is involved in organizing art exhibitions of the Cultural Foundation, cultural days and festival pesni himself participating in them.

The artist was also one of the participants of the "Group 4" (A. Annus, F. Milts, M. Krumins, J. Gailis).

Since 1950 he worked at painting glass, making the Windows of churches and in 1953 – 63 years taught in this area, students in city College of new York.

A. Annuss has arranged personal exhibitions in connection with his 70 and 80-year anniversary.

In 1924 the artist received an honorary award of unity of Independent artists, 1930, award of Latvian Fund of culture, in 1933 – the prize of the Latvian culture Foundation, in 1956 – award of the cultural Foundation in Milan, in 1970 and 1976, awards in the competition themed art in Cleveland, which was organized by T. Zirkel, in 1977, the prize of the Exile of the People AMSL (for achievement in painting).

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