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Russia • born in 1959

Born in Lithuania.

1984 - Degree Bachelor of the Art Academy of Latvia

1988 - Honorary Member of the Union of Artists of Latvia

1995 - 2003 - lecturer at the Art Academy of Latvia, Department of Graphics

2000 - Master of Arts of the Latvian Academy of Art

2003 - Associate Professor, Department of Arts, Latvian Christian Academy


2005 - Grand Prix in the Biennale of Small Graphic Forms, GRAFIC, in Breclav, Czechoslovakia

2003 - Award and Prize - B 6. Exhibition of Small Forms, Gallery Riga, Latvia

1998 - Prize in the Contemporary Exhibition, in the Bastejs Gallery, Riga, Latvia

1998 - Award at the exhibition of miniatures in Valmiera, Latvia

1997 - Riga Dumi Award in Contemporary Art, Riga, Latvia

1997 - Award with Honors - Best in print, Rokport publishers, Gloucester, MA, USA

1992 - Award and diploma in 9. graphics triannale, in Tallinn, Estonia

1987 - 2. prize - Roads and People, Smiltene, Latvia

1984 - 2. prize - Best Artist of the Year, Vilnius Institute of Arts, Lithuania

Significant Exhibitions

2005 - NEXUS, Churlion Museum, Lithuania

2004 - Graphics, BAS Gallery, Naperil, USA

2003 - Nele Zirite Gravure al eau forte, Gallery Paloma, Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Etchings by Nele Zirnite, Monroe County Community College Library, Monroe, MI, USA

2001 - Traces on the Wings, Yvonne Veichert Gallery, Riga, Latvia

2000 - Art Gallery of Mary Olla Miller, Panama City, FL, USA

1999 - Flowers, Bastejs Gallery, Riga, Latvia

Carriers, Riga Gallery, Latvia

1997 - Alten Post Gallery, Westerland - Sylt, Germany

Sheets, Liszt Gallery, Riga, Latvia

1996 - Turner Carrol Gallety, Santa Fe, NM, USA

1995 - Clique Gallery, Royal Oak, MI, USA

1991 - Art Gallery of Čorleняya, Chicago IL, USA

1989 - House of Knowledge, Riga, Latvia

1986 - In the Latvian Council of Ministers, Riga, Latvia

Significant collective exhibitions

2006 - Autumn 2005, Gallery of the Union of Artists, Riga, Latvia

2005 - Walking over the water, Psivania Gallery, USA

In the water, Tower Fine Art gallery Brockport, New York, USA

Biennial Malenka graphics, Bretlei, Czechoslovakia

Evening stories, gallery A. Putnini, Riga, Latvia

6. Minnature Exhibition, Gallery Riga, Latvia

Art Days of the schedule, St. Peter’s Church, Riga, Latvia

Fresh Juice, Third Stone Gallery, Sagatuka, MI, USA

2002 - 12. Biennial Graphics, Seoul, Sungkok, Seoul Museum, Korea

Graphics Tradition & Innovation, Bildle Gallery, Wyandotte, MI, USA

VII Biennial of the Baltic graphics, Kaliningrad - Koenigsberg, Russia

Living Faces, Japan 2001 + J, Suzaka –Hanga Museum, Japan

Miniature graphic forms, Lodz, Polshe

Autumn 2002, in the Arsenal Art Museum, Riga, Latvia

2001 - Russian print, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia and Japan, gallery, Tokyo, Japan

Miniature graphics, Finland - 2001, Lahti Museum of Art, Finland

4. International Graphic of Small Forms, Vilnius, Lithuania

International Graphics of Small Forms, Cremona, Italy

Under Krish, House of Mencendorf, Riga, Latvia

Face Graphics Gallery Riga, Latvia

Exhibition of small forms, gallery Riga, Latvia

2000 - Graphics, Turner Carrol Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, USA

Mondiale d Estampes Triennāle Petit Format, Chamaler, France

Premio Internationale per l Incisione, Bella, Italy

Gallery Gallery, Valmiera, Latvia

Autumn 2000, Arsenal Art Museum

Spring Exhibition, Vernissage Exhibition Hall, Latvia

Plane Conquerers, Artists Union Gallery, Riga, Latvia

1999 - 5. International Exhibition Drawing & Graphics, Hungary

10. International Biennale of Prints, Varna, Bulgaria

Who I am, gallery Grippen, Karlstad, Sweden

International Triennial of Prints, Rio de Zheneiro, Brazil

Zirnit and Camera graphics, Kais Cultural Center, Finland

50 prints, Reitern House, Riga, Latvia

Life, Gallery of the Union of Artists, Riga, Latvia

International Triennial of Prints 100 city, Krakow, Serok, Poland

Rassegna Nazionale Della Calogrfaija Contemporanea Bianco & Nero, Provincia di Ragua, Italy

1998 - 2. Exhibition of Latvian Artists, State Art Museum, Riga, Latvia

Harmony, exhibition of Latvian artists, Tel Aviv, Israel

Statutes of Human Rights, Namur, Belgium

International Biennial of Small Graphic Forms, Vilnius, Lithuania

Exhibition of Contemporaries, Mayson Do Denmark, Paris, France

Water bar, gallery, Melnais Balodis, Riga, Latvia

Kolumbary, gallery Melnais Balodis, Riga, Latvia

Riga in the art of contemporaries, Gallery Bastei, Riga, Latvia

Exhibition of Miniatures, Museum Valmiere, Latvia

Still life, Gallery of the Union of Artists, Riga, Latvia

Autumn 98, Arsenal Art Museum, Riga, Latvia

International Triennial of prints MTG 97, Krakow - Nurmburg Fair Center, Nuremberg, Germany

International exhibition of prints 100 city, Krakow, Park & Castle Complex "Stary zamej", Zivec, Polshe

Orzel Pialy Memorial Museum Skazhysko, Kamienna, Polshe

1997 - Art of Latvian Contemporaries, Salle d Aubette, Strasbourg, France

Still life, Union of Artists Gallery, Riga, Latvia

Autumn 97, Arsenal Art Museum, Riga, Latvia

97. International MTG Prints Exhibition, Krakow, Polshe

Young graphic artists of Latvia, National Museum of Estonia, Tallinn, Estonia

Riga in the art of contemporaries, Gallery Bastejs, Riga, Latvia

100 cities - International Triennial of Prints MTG 97, Krakow, Polshe

100 cities - International Triennial of Prints MTG 97, Main Exhibition Bunker Stuki, Museum of History, Krakow, Polshe

100 cities - International triennial of prints MTG 97, Krakow, art gallery BWA, Polshe

1996 - 8. International Exhibition - Biennial of Prints, Varna, Bulgaria

Norgrafia Prints Exhibition, Sweden

Autumn 97, Arsenal Art Museum, Riga, Latvia

2. International Biennial of Small Forms, Arch Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania

1995 - Triennial mini-graphics, Shemaler, France

Draconi Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia

1994 - 5 women, surrealists, Turner Carrol Gallery, Sante Fe, NM, USA

Exhibition of Latvian Art, Karlskog, Sweden

Snieds by Kontakt, Ostra Amtervik, Sweden

Gallery Grippen Karlstad, Sweden

Arvik Art Hall, Arvik, Sweden

International Art Exhibition, Solentuna, Sweden

Exhibition of Latvian Arts, Hollande, Sweden

1993 - Graphics of Small Forms

Young Latvian Artists, Contemporary Art Museum of Brisbane, Australia

1992 - Triennial Graphics, Exhibition Hall in Lilualhalhe, Stockholm, Sweden

9. Triennial Graphics, Tallinn, Estonia

Exhibition of Latvian Arts, Alovus, Finland

1991 - Triennial minigraphy, Chamaler, France

Graphics of small forms, Lodz, Poland

3. minigraph triennial, Exhibition Hall of Latvia, Riga, Latvia

1990 - Baltic graphics, Stockgolm, Sweden

6 plots from Latvia, Tolmenas gallery, Oslo, Norway

Exhibition of Latvian Art, Alovus, Finland

1989 - 8.Triennal Graphics, Central Exhibition Hall, Copenhagen, Denmark

1987 - Exhibition of Young Artists, Exhibition Hall of Latvia, Riga, Latvia

Exhibition of small forms, Concert Hall Valmieri, Riga, Latvia

2. exhibition of minigraphics, exhibition hall of Latvia, Riga, Latvia

Autumn 87, Exhibition Hall Latvia, Riga, Latvia

People and roads, Smiltene exhibition hall, Latvia

Exhibition of Young Artists, Moscow, Russia

1986 - Exhibition of graphics, exhibition hall Latvia, Riga, Latvia

He and she, House of Knowledge, Riga, Latvia

Autumn 86, Exhibition Hall Latvia, Riga, Latvia

Grotesque in art, House of Knowledge, Riga, Latvia

1985 - Exhibition of mini graphics, exhibition hall Latvia, Riga, Latvia

Theater Motive, Theater Museum, Riga, Latvia

Artists - to the world, State Museum of Art, Riga, Latvia

1983 - Exhibition of Young Artists, Exhibition Hall of Latvia, Riga, Latvia

1982 - Autumn 82, Exhibition Hall Latvia, Riga, Latvia


Monroe County Community College, MI, USA

Municipal Art Gallery in Lodz, Poland

University of Arizona Museum of Art

School Art Foundation, Moscow, Russia

Exe Museum, Sweden

Museum Alma Love, Ostter Amtervik, Sweden

Cremona Civic Museum, Riga, Latvia

Art Museum Arsenal, Riga, Latvia

Museum in Valka, Latvia

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