Ieva (Eve)

Russia • born in 1967

1979.-1985. - Riga secondary school of arts named after J. Rozentals.

1985.-1991. Workshop of monumental painting at the Latvian Academy of arts with Professor I. Zarins with thesis "Jazz".

1992.-1993. - A magistracy of the Latvian Academy of arts.

2003. – The degree of Art master.

Since 1991 member of the Association of Young artists, 1995 – International artists Association "B13".

A member of the artists Union of Latvia since 1995. year.

The artist participated in exhibitions since 1991. Her work has been exhibited around 50 exhibitions in Riga, Ventspils, Jekabpils (Latvia), Vilnius (Lithuania), Moscow (Russia), Bremen, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf (Germany), Ghent (Belgium), Jerusalem (Israel), Minsk (Belarus), Copenhagen (Denmark) and Holland.

Personal exhibitions in Riga:

In the gallery "Bastejs" (together with R. Liepins), 1995;

In the gallery "Bastejs" (together with K. Rubene and R. Liepins), 1997;

In the gallery "Centrs" (together with K. Rubene), 1998;

In the gallery "Centrs" (together with K. Rubene), 1999;

In the gallery "Māksla XO" (together with P. Tinkus), 2000;

In the gallery "Centrs", 2000;In the gallery "Māksla XO", 2001;

In the gallery "Daugava", 2004., 2005., 2008.

Significant group exhibitions:

In the gallery "Bastejs" exhibition "jazz", 2000;

In the gallery "Bastejs" exhibition "Creative workshop 2001", 2001;

Contemporary Latvian painting in the gallery! da Silva in Porto , Portugal, 2005;

Gallery "Daugava," exhibition "Mid-summer", 2006;

Gallery "Daugava," exhibition "Vesna", 2007.

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