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Gavrilovich Pomelov


Biography and information


Born March 7, 1939 in the city of Donetsk, Ukraine. After 7 classes, worked in the Donetsk Opera theatre. In 1959. he entered the Odessa art College. In 1963. transferred to Rostov art College named. Grekov, Department of painting. In 1964. he entered the Moscow higher art-industrial school ( b. Stroganovsky ) on branch of Monumental and decorative painting. In 1969 he graduated from MVHPU (b. Stroganovsky ) a workshop of Professor V. K. castle.

From 1969 to 1973 he worked in distribution in city Protvino Institute of High Energy Physics as an artist. From 1973 to 1991 worked in the Moscow regional art Fund. (A Podolsk art workshop) the artist the sculptor of monuments.

1971. and 1973. Visit the creative country of the Union of Artists of Russia "Hot key". Krasnodar Krai.

All subsequent years, mainly engaged in easel painting.His art features landscapes, still lifes, compositions, but the main thing is the portrait.The artist has created gallery of portraits of his contemporaries.

August 24, 1999 has died in Protvino.Moscow region.

2005 - awarded with the Governor of the Moscow region "Thank".

2009 - Grand Prix of open literary and art competition "Protvino - our favourite city", for a series of works about the city of Protvino.

Highlights of the exhibition

1968 - exhibition of young artists. Moscow

1970 - the Regional exhibition. Podolsk

1971 - Young artists of Podolsk. Podolsk

1972 - Personal exhibition, House of Culture. Protvino. Moscow oblast

1972 - the Regional exhibition. Noginsk

1973 - Personal exhibition, House of scientists. Pushchino. Moscow oblast

1973 - Exhibition "50 years of the USSR". Academy of fine arts. Moscow

1974 - Exhibition. Podolsk

1975 - Solo exhibition. Serpukhov

1977 - Group exhibition. Protvino

1978 - Exhibition of"60 years of October".g. Serpukhov

1980 - Exhibition"110 years of Vladimir Lenin."g. Serpukhov

1981 - Collective exhibition, Museum of history and art. Serpukhov

1983 - Personal exhibition, Museum of history and art. Serpukhov. Moscow oblast

1989 - Personal exhibition, Central House of Artist, Moscow.

1991 - Personal exhibition, Protvino. Moscow oblast

2003 - Personal exhibition, hall of the Moscow Union of Artists on Starosadsky, Moscow.

2005 - "a Dynasty of artists Pomelovyh", a showroom of Protvino. Moscow oblast

2005 - "Moscow-Tarusa ", an art gallery. Tarusa

2005 - "Pomelova. The father and the son.", Central House of Artists, Moscow.

2005 - "a Dynasty of artists Pomelovyh", boarding house the Anchor, Tarusa. Kaluga oblast

2006 - "Dynasty of artists Pomelovyh", a showroom, Serpukhov. Moscow oblast

2006 - "Artists Pomelovyh", art gallery. Tarusa. Kaluga oblast

2007 - "Artists Pomelovyh", hall MA on Starosadsky, Moscow.

2007 - "Artists Pomelovyh", house of scientists, Pushchino, Moscow oblast

2008 - Exhibition Pomelovyh, Central House of Artists, Moscow

2009 - anniversary personal exhibition, a showroom, Serpukhov. Moscow oblast

2009 - Personal exhibition dedicated to 70-th anniversary. Exhibition hall, Protvino.Moscow oblast

2009 - Personal exhibition, art gallery. Tarusa. Kaluga oblast

A monumental work:

1978 - "the Soviet youth", mosaic. PTU - No. 12, Podolsk. Moscow oblast

1978 - "Spring" painting. Serpukhov

1979 - mosaic Exterior, a kindergarten, a village in Lviv

1981 - Mosaic on the facade of the House of Life. Podolsk

1982 - mosaics ZAGS Pushchino. Moscow oblast

1985 - 1990 Design of exterior and interior mosaics and murals. PTU - No. 57, Protvino. Moscow region

Works are in the Serpukhov Historical and art Museum. In private collections of Russia, France, and Italy.

Publications about V. G. Pomelova:

1)Stanislavsky N."A holiday which always with you"//Communist Serpukhov 25.12.71 G.

2)Catalog"Exhibition of works by young artists in Podolsk"// Moscow 1971.

3)Catalog"Exhibition of works by young artists of Moscow region"//Moscow 1972.

4)the Directory"Artists of Moscow region"//Moscow 1973.

5)Silvestrov S."four hands"//the banner of Lenin M. O. G. 15.01.74

6)Belenky, V."Preparing for the exhibition"Communist Serpukhov 16.03.74 G.

7)K. Lubin"Celebration of artists"//Podolsk working 30.11.74 G.

8)Kiselev I."the Gifts"exhibition//the Communist Serpukhov 05.07.77 G.

9)Redkin, A."Artists-jubilee"//Communist Serpukhov 28.12.77 G.

10)the Directory"Serpukhov artists.60 years of October"//Serpukhov, 1978.

11)The Directory"Exhibition. Podolsky artists.60 years of October"//Podolsk 1978.

12)Muratkina E."rainbow Mosaic"//Communist Serpukhov 20.06.79 G.

13)Magazinov P."The Serpukhov artists"//Communist Serpukhov 07.11.79 G.

14)the Directory"Serpukhov artists"//Serpukhov 1980.

15)Muratkina E."Hymn to peace,love,happiness"//Communist Serpukhov 01.05.82 G.

16)the Directory"Artists of Serpukhov,Pushchino,Protvino"//Serpukhov 1983.

17)Eremin Leonid"Svoy Pocherk"//Communist Serpukhov 12.08.83 G.

18)the Directory"Exhibition in the Serpukhov historical and art Museum"//

Serpukhov 1983.

19)Fomenko L."World of harmony"//Communist Serpukhov 13.06.91 G.

20)L. Razumov,"a Person in a simple frame"//Accelerator in Protvino 14.06.91 G.

21)a Collective of artists Protvino"Grieve"/obituary/Events Protvino 27.08.99 G.

22)Aleksandrov K."Unknown artist Valentin Pomelov (1939-1999)"

//Nash Izograf, Moscow, 2003.

23)Protva"Giver of joy"//g. Protvino 21.04.05 G.

24)Emelyanov D."the Grand opening"//Event Protvino 22.04.05 city

25)Alexandrov, K."Pomelova:father and son"//Nash Izograf, Moscow, 2005.

26)Pomazov V."Dynasty Pomelovyh-three original artist"//Council of Serpukhov 15.02.06 G.

27)Plyshevskaya"Pomelova father and son,double portrait in a beautiful interior"Gallery, Moscow, 2006.

28)M. Markov"Three"//October Tarusa 15.09.06 G.

29)Protva"Vernissage for three"//g. Protvino 07.09.06 g.

30)Painting of Russia of the 20th century volume 1 "Heritage"//Moscow, 2007.

31)the Directory"Pomelova Valentin,Innes,Fedor"//Moscow, 2007.

32)Simon A."Artists Pomelova-creativity and fate"//the Newspaper of the Ministry of agriculture, Moscow, 2007.

33)K. Alexandrov"Artistic dynasty of Russia.A family of artists Pomelovyh"//Journal of Russian gallery 21st century Moscow, 2008.

34)Ter-Akopyan E."in memory of artist"//Protvino today 19.02.09 g.

35)Fomenko L."Competition amber"//Event Protvino 20.02.09 G.

36)Redkin, A."Complex and harmonious world Valentine Pomelova"//Council of Serpukhov 25.02.09 G.

37)Gubarev V."How to cheat rapid time"//We and the city of Serpukhov 25.02.09 G.

38)G. Nikolaev anniversary exhibition Pomelova V.//Board Serpukhov 11.03.09 g.

39)Metel L."Memorial opening day"//Oka info Serpukhov city 13.03.09

40)Semanza V. Painter was exhibited posthumously//Moskovsky Komsomolets Moscow 18.03.09 G.

41)Arkhipova T. He didn't want "to work by elbows"//Serpukhov to conduct 24.03.09 g.

42)V. Kotelkin Exhibition Valentine Pomelova//Moskovsky Komsomolets Serpukhov 25.03.09 g.

43)Mayland Century"In a beautiful and violent world"//Moscow-Tarusa 2009.

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