Fedorovich Kudryavtsev

Russia • 1908−1968

The first Chuvash sculptor, participant of the great Patriotic war.

He was born 16 Jul 1908 in D. Onasi in the Cheboksary district of the Chuvash Republic.

Famous Chuvash sculptor, creative activity which began in the ' 30s, in a time of rapid cultural growth of the native Republic. Major works: portraits – M. Gorky, V. Chkalov, K. Ivanova, V. Chapayev, the statue of Konstantin Ivanov in Cheboksary, the "Chuvash – plasterer", "the power of the Soviets", "Bubbly", a portrait of Potemkina L. I. Ivanov and others, He was in sculpture, "pioneer portrait gallery, which brought a strong and unique personalities and characters, the true wrestlers in the business. In their high spirituality, natural talent that make them effective art, folk spirit".

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