Ivanovich Madurov

Russia • born in 1942

Biography and information

Honored artist of the Chuvash Republic, laureate of the young Communist League of Chuvashia them. M. Sespel'.

Born in the village Baskakov Shemurshinskoe district of the Chuvash Republic. He graduated from high school, artistically-graphic faculty of the Chuvash pedagogical Institute on them. I. Yakovlev. He served in the army. Worked as a teacher HGF Chuvash pedagogical Institute. I. Yakovlev. Sculptor CTPM HF RSFSR.

Was a participant of the following exhibitions: the Chuvash Republic (1970); the all-Union Fund the Art lottery (Moscow, 1964); the all-Union diploma works of students of fine art (Moscow, 1966); the works of artists of the Autonomous republics of the RSFSR (Moscow, 1971, 1993); Republican and all-Union drawing (1971, 1975); the first regional young artists of the Volga region (1973); all-Russian "Sculpture of small forms" (Moscow, 1980, 1984; Leningrad - Kiev, 1984); All-Union sculpture (Moscow, 1984); the all-Russian "Artist and time" (Moscow, 1987).

His major works: the triptych "Happiness" (tree), portrait of N. K. Cvercko VA, ensemble "Time and life" (the tree rest area on the highway Cheboksary - Ulyanovsk), the song "Conspiracy" and "Waiting" (procured funds of the State Tretyakov gallery), a monumental composition "the Dance" (a tree house holidays "Il").

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