Kazakhstan • born in 1949

Biography and information

Born in 1949 in Karaganda.

In 1969 he graduated from the Almaty art College named. N. In. Gogol, in 1991, the Kazakh pedagogical Institute. Abay.

Worked in the publishing field (1971-1991). Participated in international book fairs. Has a diploma in illustrating children's books.

Since 1998, exhibited in the State Museum of arts. A. Kasteyev and private galleries in Almaty. Lives and works in Almaty.

The main themes in the works of Nelly Bube - life and culture of nomads, art and the petroglyphs of Kazakhstan, cities and architectural monuments of Central Asia.

In 2000, the artist turned to illustrating the Bible and created thirty paintings, including forty of the parables of Jesus Christ.

One of the most major works are devoted to the culture of nomads is the picture-the panorama of the "Great silk way", written on motives of the book "ancient trade routes". The painting symbolizes the silk road, as a diplomatic artery between separate cultural regions of Eurasia (China, India, Central Asia and the Roman Empire), as the path to peace, cooperation between peoples, the exchange of cultural and spiritual values. In his works N. Bube, first and foremost, seeks to show the beauty of the man-worker and the world around us.

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