Biography and information

Born and raised in Saratov, in the Central part. In 1994, after finishing Art School for Children, it goes to the CFS in the name of A. P. Bogolyubov, which successfully learns, participates actively in student exhibitions. In 1999, on the 5th the last year of school took her first solo exhibition in the Theater of Academic Drama "City reasons". Then first identified Vedema the theme of the artist-the theme of Old Saratov. Since the summer of 1999, Elena is an active member of the movement "Khvalynskoye open-air" and as a consequence permanent Exhibitor group exhibitions. This is the largest of them: "Khvalynsk-99" in the chamber of Commerce, "Khvalynsk, farewell to the Millennium" Artists ' Union,January 2002

(From the article by E. N. Belonovich)

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