Dmitrievna Chizhevskaya (Ershova)

Biography and information

Mary D. was a graduate of Petersburg Academy of arts, a thesis written under the guidance of Ilya Repin, which further continued to maintain friendly relations.

(From the article Anatoly Kohan "Artist by the grace of God")

...was the first teacher known in the future by artist Victoria Belakovsky. All drawing lessons, Maria czyzewska given free of charge. Daughter Maria Cizewski (sister of the famous scientist Dmitry Chizhevsky) in his memoirs writes: "was my mother's student Tasia Balaklavska – daughter of Alexandria doctor Balaklavskogo. She came first in the drawing school in Petrograd, then in Academy of arts". ...photographs confirm that Victoria Belakovskaya and "Tasia Balaklavska" is one and the same person.

(From the article Anatoly Kohan "Intertwining destinies")

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