Vasilyevich Vlasov

Russia • 1900−1962

Biography and information

He graduated from the Moscow higher technical school in 1928, and from 1931 he taught at the Moscow architectural Institute .

1944-55 the chief architect of Kiev and Moscow.

1955-56 President of the Academy of architecture of the USSR.

1960-1962 he headed the design of the Palace of Soviets (UPDS). 1-St Secretary of the Union of architects of the USSR.

Winner of the Lenin prize (1959).

Awarded 2 orders of Lenin, 2 other orders and medals.

Member of the CPSU(b) since 1949. He graduated from MVTU (1928). C 1931 he taught at the Moscow architectural Institute. In 1929-32 member VOPR. In 1936-41 hands. workshop on the design Center. Park.Gorky in Moscow. In 1944-50 chief architect of Kyiv. In 1950-55 chief architect of Moscow, dismissed the campaign against the "excesses" in architecture. In 1960-62 1st sekr. THE SA OF THE USSR. Hands. development of Khreschatyk in Kiev (1945-47), author of the Crimean bridge (1938) and the Center. the stadium in Luzhniki (1955-56, et al.) in Moscow, the building drum. t-RA in Ivanovo (1940) and other buildings. The Winner Of The St. (1950) and Flax. (1959) St.