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Yurievich Bezukladnikov

Russia • born in 1959

Biography and information

Born in Perm. Lives in Moscow.

1992 - prize "Young European Photographer92", Strasbourg, France.

1989 - international festival of photography, Arles, France

1994 - founder and Director of web-design ONEGIN

1999 - founder of the online community and online gallery Photographer.ru

2000 - founder of the community NONSTOPHOTOS

Member of the Rapho Agency (1990)

A member of the Agency Photographer.ru (2007)

Selected exhibitions (solo):

1989 - In the framework of the International festival of photography, Arles, France

1994 - "The Rosary" - Gallery Yakut/ Yakut Gallery, Moscow

Main exhibitions (group):

1987 - "Representation" - the Union "Hermitage", Moscow;

1987 - "Retrospective. Moscow artists 1957 - 1987" the Association "Hermitage", Moscow;

1988-1989 - "An insight into Contemporary Photography" - Paris, London, Moscow;

1989 - "150 years of photography", Central exhibition hall "Manege", Moscow;

1990 "Looking East" - Kunstmuseum, Aarhus, Denmark;

1990 - "Award for Young European Photographers-90" - Berlin, Germany;

1991 - Exposition of the First galleries in the "Art - Frankfurt", Frankfurt am main, Germany;

1991 - "Fotoproekt: Zurich - Moskow" - Galerie Forum, Zurich, Switzerland;

1991 - "Aesthetic experiences" - Museum Kuskovo, Moscow;

1992 - "Art-Myth - 2" - Manezh, Moscow;

1992 - "Cabinet Of Curiosities" Gallery "Art - Marketing", Moscow;

1992 - "Experiences photographiques is Russes" - Atrium de Grand Ecran, Paris, France;

1993 - In the framework of the "Art-MIF - 3", Manege, Moscow;

1993 - Explicit Aidan Gallery in the "Art-Gamburg", Hamburg, Germany;

1993 - "Magic and Mathematics ", Al Ferro di Cavallo, Rome, Italy;

1994 "Art of contemporary photography: Russia. Ukraine, Belarus", the Central house of artist, Moscow;

1994 - "Europa - 94", Munchen, Germany;

1994 - "Art of dying" - the Yakut Gallery, Moscow;

1995 - "Night over Asia" - FOTO MASSAN, Goteborg, Germany.

1996 - "Narcissus. Dupont", Yakut-gallery together with the State Tretyakov gallery, Moscow;

1996 - "New arrivals. Contemporary Russian photography" - the Center of humanitarian studies Harry Ransom, the University of Texas (Austin, USA);

1998 - In the framework of the Second Moscow Biennale "Fashion and style in photography". Manege, Moscow;

1999 - "Theatrical photography" (with A. Kalmykov) - Rome, Italy;

1999 - "Other Russia" - Days of photography in Moscow, Central exhibition hall "Manege", Moscow;

1999 - "An Increase", Gallery "Manege", Moscow;

2000 - "Moscow from Rodchenko to our days", Moscow Museum of modern art, Moscow;

2002 - "From the collection of Moscow Museum of modern art" - Moscow Museum of modern art, Moscow;

2003 - "Artconstitution" - Moscow Museum of modern art, Moscow;

2004 - "13 : 1" - Moscow Museum of modern art, Moscow;

2005 - "7 years Photographer.ru" space Yakut Gallery, Moscow;



The art of contemporary photography: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus. - M., 1994



"The art of the twentieth century. Collection of the Moscow Museum of modern art" Text: V. Turchin, M., 2003


Soviet photo (Moscow);

Life in the theatre (Moscow);

Camera Obscura (Moscow);

Actuel (France);

Imago (Slovakia);

F fotografiks tidskrift (Svenska);

Fotografia Kwartalnik (Poland);

PhotoMediaArt (Poland);


Moscow House of photography (Moscow),

Moscow Museum of modern art (Moscow),

Meeting Yakut Gallery (Moscow);

Museum of photography de'elysée (Lausanne, Switzerland),

Photography Museum (Aarhus, Denmark),

The centre for Humanities research Harry Ransom, the University of Texas (Austin, USA),

National library (Paris, France),

Fine arts Museum of the state of new Mexico (Santa Fe, USA).