Ivanovich Gorshkov

Russia • born in 1958

Was born in Voronezh in 1958

1977 – Penza art College named after K. A. Savitsky, sculpture Department, Rev. V. I. Koshelev.

Lives in Voronezh

2010 - opening of the library named after A. Platonov, X. Divnogorie, Voronezh region.

2009 – "Angels. Earth. The sky" (together with A. Krapivina), G. H. L. A. M., Voronezh.

2008 – Russian Povera - Perm Museum of contemporary art, Perm. "Arheart". Divnogorie, Voronezh region.

The opening of the gallery H. L. A. M., Voronezh

2005 – monument to the Marquis De Lafaette (with Y. Tkachenko and V. Pavlov), St. Avold, France

2004 – opening of the Museum "the Miracle shed", H. Divnogorie, Voronezh region.

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