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Alexandrovich Tikhmenev
Biography and information

Painter and graphic artist, animal painter. Was born in Sumy city. In 1891 and 1894 he studied at the St. Petersburg Academy of arts under B. Villevalde. From 1891 he was fond of rifle and hound hunting, which later became the main theme of his many paintings and graphic works. In 1900 — 1915 exhibited work at exhibitions in Petersburg and Moscow. Was involved in design of children’s books. Reproductions of works have been regularly published in the magazines "Niva", "homeland", "Spark". From 1928 he lived in Orenburg, he painted military subjects. Participated in exhibitions AChRs (1930, 1932). In 1936 work was exhibited at the exhibition of Kazakh art in Moscow. Represented in museums in Irkutsk, Orenburg and numerous private collections.

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Eugene Alexandrovich Tikhmenev. Hunting the lynx. 1890
Eugene Alexandrovich Tikhmenev. Bison in the winter forest. 1900s
Eugene Alexandrovich Tikhmenev. Image hunting wild ducks. 1905
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Eugene Alexandrovich Tikhmenev. On the current. 1890
Eugene Alexandrovich Tikhmenev. Autumn forest with elks. 1890
Eugene Alexandrovich Tikhmenev. Bear hunting. 1890
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