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Vitalevna Kiseleva

born in 1959

Biography and information


B. 13.03.1959, Zagorsk (Moscow region). Studied at SHTKY M. I. Kudykina, MVHPU (former. Stroganov) – 1981-86 M. S. Rodionova, S. M. Smirnova, V. M. Voloshko, B. N. Rachmaninoff; diploma work – a series of linocuts (6 sheets), dedicated to the founder of the toy Museum, N.D. Bartram (gold medal for success in studies and work, Ministry of culture of the USSR). S. M. Rodionov.

Artist SHPM (1986-96), publishers of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra (since 1996), and cooperates with other publishing houses Sergiev Posad and Moscow (since 1999). . Member of the artists Union (1993).

Performed advertising, HPMI RAO (mixed media, 1986); the series "Russian folk costume" (gouache, 1989-96); prints: a series of "Grass" (1991-93), "Pink morning" (1994), "Winter daydreams" (1994-95), "Quiet my homeland" (1995); the series "the gospel" (B., watercolor, white tempera, 1998-2000); the series "the Life of St. Sergius of Radonezh" (ink, pen, 2002-03), albums "Sergiev Posad, Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra" (1993). K. – the author of illustrations for more than 70 books, including: "the Orthodox primer" (Holy Trinity St. Sergius Lavra, 1997), "Poets of Sergiev Posad" (Sergiev Posad, 1999), L. S. Dinolova. "Life as is" (Sergiev Posad, 2002), "the gospel in the retelling for children" (Holy Trinity St. Sergius Lavra, 2003).

Participant of exhibitions (since 1985), including: the 7-th Republican exhibition "Soviet Russia" (Moscow, 1985), all-USSR exhibition "Artists to people" (M., 1988), the Third zonal art exhibition "Moscow" (Moscow, 1990), "Autumn salon" (Sergiev Posad, 1995 – 1st prize; 1998 – 3rd prize; 2004 – 1st prize), regional exhibition "Artists of Moscow the 70th anniversary of the October revolution" (Moscow, 1988), "Artists Sergiev Posad" (Wiley, 1992).

Exhibition of the works of C. was held in 1989 – the path –(with L. I. Dyakova, A. A. Kiselev, Vladimir Sandyreva), 1999 (with A. A. Kiselev), 2003, 2004, 2005 (Sergiev Posad).

The works of K. are stored in the SPMZ, HPMI RAO, the house-Museum of Tchaikovsky (Klin, Moscow region), LNG, and private collections.

Awarded the medal of the Russian Orthodox Church of Reverend Sergiy Radonejskiy of the II degree (2002).

LITERATURE: the Artists of Sergiev Posad / Authors-comp. V. M. The Secret Of E. V. Kutsenko. – M., 1993 (without pages). DIRECTORY: 7-I Republican exhibition "Soviet Russia"-G. – M., 1985. – The artists of Moscow the 70th anniversary of the Oct. – M., 1988. – S. 20. – Exhibition "Paths": V. d'yakova, A. Kiselev, T. Kiseleva, V. Sandyrev:. – Zagorska, 1989. Third zonal art exhibition "Moscow":-G. – M., 1990. – P. 36, 45 – the Autumn salon:-d paintings, graphics and sculpture exhibition IV. – Sergiev Posad, 1998. – Autumn salon-2004: K-g paintings, drawings and sculptures. – Sergiev Posad, 2004. – P. 21. – PERIODICALS: the Artist. – 1994. – N5 (A. Greeks. The secret charm). – Forward (Sergiev Posad) – 1996. – 20 Jan; 28 Dec; 1999. – May 29 (Borisov. Watch one way); 2003. – 18 Nov. [70]

A. G.

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