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Petrovich Pavlov

Russia • 1888−1964

Biography and information

Born in 1888 in Moscow in the family of the famous photographer P. P. Pavlov and his grandfather from his mother's side was a Russian artist Alexei Kondratyevich Savrasov. Artistic environment instilled a taste for art: already in his youth, B. Pavlov wrote poetry. But the secrets of the living, pulsing world fascinated the young man, and he plunged into the world of natural Sciences. Finished Agricultural Academy in Moscow, he became an agronomist. Worked In Moscow, traveled to Central Asia in the late 30-ies settled near lake Teletskoye in the Altai and worked 20 years as a researcher at Altai State reserve. Completeness of romantic life among the virgin nature inspired B. P. Pavlova to create their own graphics in the world. Technique graphic works - quivering pencil and light watercolor illumination - sometimes reminiscent of the vision Churlenis. His descendants B. P. Pavlov left the poetry, art, and philosophical work "the Purpose of life."

(Source: website of the Museum of naive art)