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Valentinovich Gotovtsev

Russia • born in 1938

Biography and information


Born November 24, 1938, Kostroma region, Russia.

Painter. A landscape painter. General education — higher technical.

As an officer of the armed forces of the USSR (1959-1984.), he combined a military career with the work of the artist: in 1961, became a permanent member of the team Creative Studio at the Studio of military artists to them. M. B. Grekova, where he studied and grew as a painter under the guidance of artist - Grekova N. I. Booth (1961-1972) For the years spent in the creative workshop, received training. A great influence on the creative development of the artist had a master of Soviet graphics, A. I. Marshak (Leningrad) and painter - a landscape painter S. G. Grigoriev (Arkhangelsk). Member of the Association of Russian artists of Moldova M-ART. After leaving military service (1984), he gave himself up to painting, especially landscape. A gifted painter, he subtly and poetically conveys in his landscapes of the beauty of the Russian land. Small-sized canvases of the artist bribed sincerity, high performance culture. They are filled with light, sun, joy of life. In his paintings depicted landscapes of the Russian European North, the Carpathians, the Baltic States, southern Urals, Volga, Moldova. However, the main thing in the works gotovtseva is the scenery of the Upper Volga and Central Russia. All landscapes are United in cycles: "seasons", "12 months", "Memories of the North".

For more than 40 years of experience R. V. gotovtseva display at exhibitions, including former Union.

Personal exhibitions in Moldova:

1999 — Chisinau

2004 — Chisinau.

The works by claiming R. V. gotovtseva as a Mature master of lyrical landscape. Landscape "March — wide roads. 1995" is in the collection of painting of ex - President of Moldova Petru Lucinschi.


Agelica T. "he has started to Draw in charcoal on the stove"

Borisova, T. "...and the smell of March snow"

Naydenova, I., "Reflection of life outside the hustle"

Katosova-Saapega, Camping Under the sky one. Creative portrait

// TV. The Republic Of Moldova. — 2004. — 10 Jan.

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