Leonidovna Kamenskaya

Studied in Leningrad (now St. Peterburg) in the Art College named after Serov, from which he graduated in 1970. At school I know Galina Sergeevna Pokroshinsky, Nicholas Potapovich, Katushenko, Tatyana Kapustina. From 1960-ies until today, all my free time paying attention to the creation of genre paintings, the subject compositions, and especially a lot of time to devote to the creation of landscapes on different subjects and in different directions.

I, Kamenskaya Nadezhda Leonidovna, a lot of painting and writing landscapes depicting the storm, lake and reflections in them of the sky and trees as well - nature landscapes involving forests, meadows, rivers, plains, streams, lakes, fields. A bit less likely to create a Maritime and urban landscapes. And do not bypass the attention the creation of still lifes, paintings of flowers, works of genre, portraits. The portrait, by the way, create a picture of a man in full face and profile, whole (portfolio), also depict people groups on the background of houses and nature. I also since 2001, became interested in the hobby - the creation of products made of batik, making them from fabric, rospisnoy manually. And even less often I create drawings method over modern technology involving computer graphics.

On this website you can find my work on a completely different topic, in different genres and directions.

They are created in different years of my art - from 1960-ies up to our days.

And what was the impetus for the beginning of my many years of creativity ?

It began with the creation of my one of watercolors. This landscape is called "the first landscape", technique - watercolor on paper, in the direction of realism. By the way, this work will be posted on the website of some of my other works. Established in the early 1960-ies.

Was then, in 1961, the late winter - early spring. And the painting "the first landscape" shows that as of snow, sky and trees visible that it is already approaching the spring, late winter. I was still 10 years was not. I have this landscape with nature, looking out of the Windows on nature, on paper with watercolors and created. We then had our homeroom teacher. This is my very first teacher at the school, whose portrait, incidentally, was written by me many years later in oil on canvas and this portrait will be posted on the website of some of my other works. She accidentally saw, as I create a landscape with watercolors, looking at nature from the window, and then all the time could not from pictures of this and take his eyes. And the next day my very first teacher went to the House of young talents in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg). She got a word in for me, teacher of art my landscape is like. And my teacher, we can say bless me on a career in the truest sense of the word. And in the middle of 1960-ies I entered the Art College named after Serov in Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg), where he graduated in 1970. And since then, my creative work does not stand still nor the slightest amount of time.

This tvorchesvo accompanies me everywhere, independently of what time of the year or day in the yard, from my location, and in what genre, style and direction to create work.

Since 1999, I have decided that it seems to be time to "throw" is the field, they say, not the time. And in 2000 a so-called tipping point. And then, when I finally decided to throw their creativity. And the turning point came when I came to rest in the lands where I haven't been for several years. And on arrival there the first night I saw the evening sun lights everything around - homes, fields, forests, sky, nature. And seen left me with the impression that the time was a motivation for me to resume my artistic activities. I then immediately took the paper and did a watercolor of water paints more than 10 sketches. But on arrival in the city took up his artistic attributes, and in 10 days wrote oil painting on wood-plastic square and one of the better sketches. I did oil painting - rural landscape. Called "Vnuto. Sunset, leaving no good.", details of the picture - the sky, the village, house, roof, tree, clouds, clouds, grass, lawn, path, sunset. Yes, the impression made on me by the nature of the edges, where I went to what we saw in 2000, and many times after, and where I spent all my best time. And the nature of the edges is depicted in many of my works, which will also be posted on the website. And after the creation of the painting "the Interior. Sunset, leaving no good." I have created many other works from the 2000-2001 to the present time. The site will work, created recently, in 2010.

In all my writings pronounced moments and motives in detail, though not as thoroughly. But the product is almost entirely reflect our daily lives all the time. This is especially noticeable in the works with the theme of urban landscapes, genre paintings, symbolic compositions. And the artworks with topics sea, nature and architecture - reflect all the colors and highlights of our nature, harmony, too, of our daily lives all the times, historical moments, the beauty of cities and buildings in them, especially in combination with the background - the sky, forests and ponds.

And according to others my works on the theme of still lifes and things like that cause them to have involuntary appetite, paintings of flowers - a delight, and drawings, and masterpieces of animal of uncertain reactions, and also mostly delighted. A fall and mountain scenery after prolonged contemplation soothe the eye.

On this site you'll see my work on various topics.

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