Ivanovich Bokovnya

Russia • born in 1946

Biography and information

1946 Born in Ukraine.

He graduated from the Leningrad higher art-industrial school im. V. I. Mukhina.

Master Russian cartoons for many years collaborated with the magazine "Crocodile".

Well-known Illustrator of children's books, author of forty works of prose, poetry ("the Princess and the pea" by Hans Christian Andersen, "Phone" K. Chukovsky at the publisher "Khudozhnik RSFSR", "Crocodile Gena, Cheburashka and others" in publishing house "the Comet")

The General Director of the publishing house "Aurora";

1982 the book Nekrasov "adventures of captain Vrungel" in 1982

The participant of Russian and international exhibitions

Professor Saint-Petersburg state art-industrial Academy

The honored worker of arts of Russia

Member of the Union of artists, Union of journalists

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