France • 1795−1858
Ari Schaeffer (Ary Scheffer, 1795, Dordrecht - 1858, Argenteuil, near Paris) - French painter of Dutch origin. He worked in the style of romanticism, he painted most of the paintings in the genre of historical and genre painting.

Features of creativity: Schaeffer from his youth proved to be a talented and consistent representative of the French school of painting. He did not depart from the academic principles of Parisian masters and was devoted to the classical manifestations of romanticism in painting: drama, daydreaming, sentimentality, the transfer of deep thoughts and emotions. He wrote many allegorical and literary scenes, inspired by both the Gospel and the works of Goethe, Schiller, Dante, Byron. Being a magnificent portrait painter, he created a gallery of outstanding contemporaries. In later works, he preferred to recreate religious subjects, paying attention not so much to painting technique and composition rules, as to moral and spiritual ideas.

Famous paintings: "Paolo and Francesca", The Death of St. Louis, "Mourning the young fisherman", "Greek women pray to Virgo for help".

Ari Schaeferre was born in a family of artists, where his father, mother and brother were painters. The young man showed his talent at the age of 15, and after 20 wrote a series of paintings that brought him great popularity. His paintings have been engraved and lithographed many times. Throughout his life, Schaeffer carefully studied the features of the Rembrandt school, German and Italian painters, improving his own technique and inscribed his name on the list of the best representatives of French and Dutch romanticism.
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