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Hendrik van
Biography and information

Hendrik van Balen (the Elder) (niderl. Hendrik van Balen) (CA. 1575, Antwerp — 17 July 1632, Antwerp) — Flemish painter.

Ball studied with Adam van Noort and at age 17 was accepted into the Guild of painters of Antwerp, bearing the name of St. Luke. With at 1592 1593 he was Dean of the Guild.

In 1605 Hendrick van Balen married Margaret Brass. Balanov have had eleven children, the story became painters Hendrik van Balen the Younger (1623−1661), Caspar van Balen (1615−1641) and Jan van Balen (1611−1654). In the registry of the Guild recorded 26 students Balena, among them Anthony van Dyck and Frans Snyders.

Van Balena belonging to the Fraternity of Novelists suggests that he at least once visited Rome or even Italy. In 1613 van Balen was Dean of the Fraternity of Novelists.

Grave van Balena is Senior in the Antwerp Church. Jacob.

Hendrik van Balen often wrote in collaboration with other artists, for example, Pointsman de Moneron, Jan Brueghel or Peter Paul Rubens. Anthony van Dyck painted a portrait of his teacher in 1627/30. stored now in the Getty Museum.

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