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John White

United States • 1856−1915

Biography and information

John white Alexander (eng. John White Alexander, rod. 7 Oct 1856 Allegheny — mind. 31 may 1915, new York) — American painter and symbolist Illustrator.

John. William Alexander was orphaned early in his childhood he was raised by his grandfather in Pittsburgh. In 12 years working on the Telegraph here for the first time manifested his artistic talent. In 1874 he moved to new York, and serves weekly harpers weekly Illustrator and cartoonist. After three years of study in new York with Alexander in the years 1877-1881 made a trip to Europe. He visits Munich, where he engaged in Frank Duveneck; then Venice, and Florence, where he met James Whistler. Under the creative influence of the latter Alexander continued to study painting and drawing in the Netherlands and in Paris.

After the return of the artist in new York in 1881, he achieves great success as an Illustrator and portraitist (in particular, painted a portrait of O. W. Holmes, Sr., John Burroughs, Walt Whitman, etc.). From 1890 to 1901 Alexander lived in Paris. In 1893 here in the Salon with great success held a personal exhibition. While in France, was friendly with Whistler, S. Mallarme, Henry James. In 1901, returned to new York. From 1909 to 1915 he held the position of President of the National Academy of design.

In 1900, George..Alexander was awarded a Gold medal at the world exhibition in Paris. 1901 — knight of the French Order of the Legion of honor.