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Christian Boltan
born in 1944
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Christian Boltanski (FR. Christian Boltanski, 8 September 1944, Paris) was a French painter, sculptor, photographer, filmmaker.

Coming from a family of Jewish immigrants. At 12 years left school formal artistic education is not received. Figurative painting began to engage themselves in 1958, in 1967 broke with this style, preferring installations, theatre of puppets and shadows with the active use of old photographs, clothing, "found things." Such works, together with the short film "the Impossible life of Christian Boltanski", he presented the first solo exhibition at the Ranelagh theatre in Paris in 1968. In 1969 came his first album "an exploration and a representation of all that remains from my childhood." In 1972 he uses for the first time participated in the International exhibition documenta in Kassel, the section "Individual mythologies"; since he is its permanent participant, as well as the Venice Biennale. In 1984 the State Museum of contemporary art in Paris held a large retrospective exhibition of K. B.

Big brother is a sociologist Luc Boltanski (b. 1940), wife, artist Annette Messager.

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