United Kingdom • born in XX century

Biography and information

David Bomberg (English David Bomberg; December 5, 1890, Birmingham - August 19, 1957, London) - one of the greatest English artists of the twentieth century.

David Bomberg was born in Birmingham in 1890. He relates to the London School as an inspirer, teacher, or forerunner — by the time this term appeared, Bomberg was 19 years old as dead.
From the age of 15 he studied at lithographer, from 17 he studied art history at the Westminster School of Art, working as an assistant in the workshop John Sargent. On the advice of Sargent, he entered the Slade Art School, from where he was expelled two years later: the mentors found the views and works of Bomberg too radical.

Bomberg is spoken of as one of the founders of Vorticism, a purely English modernist invention, close to futurism. However, he himself diligently disowned from belonging to any trends or art groups.
After the First World War (Bomberg visited the front and saw enough of guns, tanks and bombs), the artist somewhat lost interest in industrial aesthetics, broke with the communist party, began to resort to figurative statements more often.
If his students are Auerbach and Kossof - went to success hard and slowly, then Bomberg did not live to see him. He died in 1957 almost in poverty. He did not suspect that after death he would be proclaimed one of the most important British artists. What will be counted from him such an outstanding phenomenon as the "London School". And that the hostel in London South Bank University, where he once taught, will be named after him David Bomberg House.

From the publication "London School, author - Andrey Zimoglyadov