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Taddeo Gaddy (ital. Taddeo Gaddi; 1290, Florence — 1366, ibid) — Italian painter and father of painters, Giovanni, Agnolo and Niccolo Gaddy.

Taddeo Gaddy learned from his father, the artist Haddo Gaddy, and later worked with Giotto di Bondone, and at approximately 1330 became an independent painter in Florence. In 1347 is mentioned at the head of the list of the best artists of Florence. Gaddy surpassed his teacher at the liveliness of the images, but not in elegance of colouring. His drawings are often hasty and incorrect. His main work — "the Life of Madonna" in the Baroncelli chapel in the Florentine Basilica of Santa Croce. In addition to his noteworthy triptych "Madonna enthroned" (Berlin), "the last Supper" in Santa Croce, the "Madonna with saints" in the Church of Santa Trinita in Florence, the triptych "Madonna with saints" 1366 (Naples), frescoes with scenes from the life of St. Francis in the Church of San Francesco in Pisa 1342 Presumably Gaddy performed architectural work.

The artist was the son of Taddeo Gaddy — Gaddy Agnolo.

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Taddeo Gaddi. The Madonna and child. 1390-e
The Madonna and child. 1390-e
Taddeo Gaddi
76.5×53.5 cm
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Taddeo Gaddi. The Madonna and child
The Madonna and child
Taddeo Gaddi
1391, 53.5×76.5 cm
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