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Alexander Gierymski (Ignacy Alexander Gierymski; Pol. Aleksander Gierymski; 30 January 1850 in Warsaw — between 6 and 8 March 1901 in Rome) — Polish painter; younger brother of artist Maximilian Karymskogo.

He studied painting first in Warsaw. During the years 1868-1872, continues his artistic education at the Munich Academy, and graduated with a gold medal. In 1873-1874 lives in Italy, mainly in Rome, where to hone their skills.

Written in Italian paintings Gierymski brings in Poland and in 1875 successfully exposes them to the Warsaw zachęta gallery.

The period from 1875 to 1879 Gierymski again spends in Italy. The artist tries to solve the problem of the right combination of light and color on the canvas; his work from this time have a lot in common with the works of the French Impressionists. In the years 1879-1888 Gierymski lives in Warsaw. This time it was the most fruitful for the master. He writes the types Warsaw and scenes from the life of its inhabitants. A. Karymskogo at the moment has not found adequate response from his compatriots, and the artist in 1888 and went abroad — to Germany and France. The main theme of his work becomes a landscape. In 1893-1895 year A. Gierymski lives in Krakow, hoping to get a professorship at a local Academy. The last years of his life were spent in Italy.

Karymskogo paintings kept in the National Museum in Warsaw, National Museum in kraków, Museum in Katowice.

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