Netherlands • 1479−1541

Gossaert Yang (Gossaert), nicknamed In, (Mabuse; 1479-1541) — Dutch painter, graphic artist and wood Carver.

The nickname of "In" (Muzejski) received for Mobio (Maubeuge), France, where he was born about 1470.

Probably studied with Gerard David. In 1502 he was admitted to the Guild of St. Luke in Antwerp. Probably in 1499 he went to England, where he painted mainly portraits.

Around 1507 was passed to the court of Philip of Burgundy (bastard son of Philip III the Good). Accompanied him during the trip to Rome (1508-1509). In the later years continued to work for Philip in his locks, in Antwerp, and also in the Middelburg and carry out the orders of the representatives of the Habsburg family — the court of Margaret of Austria in Mechelen. Written sources testify that he executed the portraits of Charles V and his sisters Eleanor Portuguese, brought up in Mechelen.

When Philip of Burgundy was ordained Bishop of Utrecht, In followed him to the castle Duurstede and helped in its decoration.

Died in Antwerp in 1541.

Perhaps he inspired his pupil Jan van Scorel to commit a long European tour. From that time, for Dutch artists (including Rubens and van Dyck) it became the custom to make a European trip.

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