United States • 1880−1966

Biography and information

Hans Hoffmann (German Hans Hofmann; March 21, 1880, Weissenburg, German Empire - February 17, 1966, New York, USA) - American artist of German origin, representative . Hoffman received a very versatile education, showed himself especially well in science, but after graduation he decided to devote himself to painting. He lived in Paris for several years, and then founded an art school in Munich. After several trips to the USA, Hoffmann moved to New York and became a teacher in the League of Art Students. In 1933, he opens the Hans Hoffmann School of Fine Arts here. His students at different times were Lee Krasnerand Larry Rivers. Hoffman was a close friend Jackson Pollock, and it is believed that they had a significant impact on each other's style. In later years, Hoffmann received many awards for his creative achievements and successful teaching.

Features of the artist Hans Hoffmann: the earliest works created during life in Germany were written under the influence of impressionism and pointillism. His mature style can be called a synthesis of several artistic directions at once: often Hoffmann's works are distinguished by a cubistic structure, the colors of Fauvism, the energy of expressionism and surreal forms.

Famous paintings by Hans Hoffmann: "Self-portrait", "Landscape", "Provincetown", "Wind".

Author: Evgenia Sidelnikova