born in XX century

Biography and information

Dionysius (Greek. Διονύσιος dedicated to Dionysus) — male name
Dionysius — one of the greatest painters of Ancient Russia.
Dionysius the Areopagite, a Christian thinker, Saint.
Dionysius of Halicarnassus, a Greek historian and rhetorician of the second half of I century BC
Herakleian Dionysius the stoic philosopher, subsequently the Cyrenaica.
Dionisy glushitsky — Holy Russian monk, icon painter.
Dionysius (Indo-Greek king) — the King of one of the Indo-Greek kingdoms in the Punjab.
Dionysius the Abbot of the Savvino-Storozhevsky monastery, icon painter.
Dionysius of Cyrene — stoic philosopher and mathematician.
Dionysius (Metropolitan of Kiev) — Metropolitan of Kiev and all Russia (1383-1385), in Moscow.
Dionysius the Younger, the tyrant of Syracuse, son of Dionysius the Elder.
Dionysius the Small monk, who lived in V—VI centuries BC and introduced the calendar of Anno Domini (before Christ and after Christ).
Dionysius (Metropolitan of Moscow) — Metropolitan of Moscow and all Russia, the XVI century.
Dionysius of Paris, the first Bishop of Paris, Martyr one of the Fourteen Holy helpers.
Dionysius V (Patriarch Of Constantinople)
Dionysius Pechersk hieromonk, Holy Russian Church.
Dionysius Solvychegodsk — Solvychegodsk Abbot of the monastery of the XVI century.
Dionysius Pokaski — ancient Greek military leader, commander of the fleet of the Ionians at the battle of Lade
Dionysius the Thracian, a Greek grammarian of Alexandria, a pupil of Aristarchus
Dionysius Pornographic (Dionysius of Fournier) — monk, icon painter, originator of erminie beginning of the XVIII century
Dionysius, Archimandrite of mount Athos — was at the invitation of the Nikon and Alexei Mikhailovich for the work of the Print yard on new liturgical books, translator.