Czech Republic • 1909−1981

Adolf Zabransky (Czech. Adolf Zábranský, rod. 29 Nov 1909 Fish — mind. August 9, 1981 Prague) was a Czech painter, graphic artist and Illustrator of literature.

A. Zabransky studied painting from Frantisek of Cicely and Willy Nowak. Was a member of the Society of artists mánes (Mánes SVU) and the Union of Czechoslovak artists. Of his art works should call first monumental canvases, such as an image Granskog Palace. The other big theme in the artist's work was the illustration of books, primarily children. Created illustrations for Genwiki and Martini glasses (Hanýžku a Martínka) jindřich Bars, We are well in the world (nám dobře Je na světě) Frantisek Grubina, the Old Chronicles (Ze starých letopisů) Ivan Olbracht and others In 1972 for his illustrations to children's literature A. Zabransky was awarded the honorary diploma of the prize of Hans Christian Andersen.

A. Zabransky was awarded the honorary title of people's artist of Czechoslovakia.


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