Mulir the Younger

born in XX century

Peter Muller Junior (Pietro Tempesta) (Pieter Mulier the Younger, il Cavalier Pietro Tempesta) (1637, Haarlem – June 29, 1701, Milan) – the Dutch and the Italian artist. The nickname "Tempesta" (it. tempesta – "storm, storm, storm") he received for his landscapes, which depicted a stormy sea.

He was born in 1637 in Haarlem, Holland, in a family of Flemish origin. Studied painting from his father, a marine painter Peter Muliro Older (approx. 1615-1670), who was a pupil of Simon Flieger.

17 years younger Mulier went to Antwerp, where he studied at the school of the famous animal painter Frans Snyders and he drew animals. After that, Peter Jr. went to Italy and more home has not returned.

First (1656-1670) he lived in Rome, married a local native and became a father in 1657, later worked in the Veneto region and in Venice, and then Genoa, where he was imprisoned for 8 years in prison on charges of murdering his first wife. The years spent in prison, proved to be extremely fruitful for the development of artistic skills Tempesti.

After 1684 the creative activity Tempesti connected with Lombardy. There he remained until the end of his life and died in Milan in 1701

During his lifetime he enjoyed great fame, lived as a nobleman and was a very colorful personality.

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