Czech Republic • 1896−1986

Karel Svolinsky (Czech. Karel Svolinský, rod. 11 Jan 1896 Holy Kopecek near Olomouc — the mind. 16 September 1986, Prague) — Czech painter, graphic artist and book Illustrator.

K. Svolinsky studied painting at the Prague Academy of arts, architecture and design, in the class of max Švabinský. He later became a Professor at the Academy. He was married to the sculptor Mary Jolly, daughter of General Frantisek Fun (1864-1953). The fame of the artists came in the 1920-ies, after he illustrated the poem "May" by Karel Macha. In the artistic heritage of Smolenskogo are approximately 150 bookplates, Christmas cards 400 and 210 sketches of stamps, of which 83 were released. As a graphic artist he participated in the publication of encyklopedii Ottův slovník naučný. The drawings of Smolenskogo between 1947 and 1955 years, was made the new decoration of the astronomical clock on the Olomouc town hall (figures-puppets created for them the artist's wife, Maria Smolinska). In addition, Zwolinska belongs to the decor of one of the stained glass Windows of St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague, as well as sketches of Czechoslovak banknotes.

In 1981, K. Svolinsky was awarded the medal of the Czechoslovak Ministry of transport and mail. The centenary of the birth of the artist in his honor in the Czech Republic was released silver coin 200 CZK.

In 2001 at the National gallery in Prague held a retrospective exhibition of the work of K. Smolenskogo.

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