Philip Wilson

United Kingdom • 1860−1942

Biography and information

Philip Wilson Ster (eng. Philip Wilson Steer, rod. 28 Dec 1860 Birkenhead, Merseyside — mind. March 18, 1942) is an English artist.

F. W. Stehr was born in the family portrait painter Philip Ster (1800-1871). At the age of 18, determined to become a painter, Ster arrives at Gloucester School of art, in 1880-1881 in School artists in South Kensington. Then continues training in London, at the Royal Academy of arts. In 1882-1884, the artist took lessons in Paris at the académie Julian and then at the School of fine arts, Alexander Cabanela.

Philip W. Ster was one of the leaders of the English Impressionists and the founders of the new England club of artists in 1886. The main genre of his work was landscapes. During the First world war Ster was sent to the British Ministry of information, headed by Lord Beaverbrook, where he created propaganda paintings and drawings (mostly the Royal Navy). Knight of the British Order of Merit.

Self-portrait of the Philip W. Ster is kept in the Uffizi gallery, in Florence.