Japan • 1919−1996

Biography and information

Kumi sugai (jap. 菅井汲; b. March 13, 1919. Kobe - mind. May 14, 1996. Kobe) - Japanese painter, graphic artist and sculptor.

Sugai Kumi - one of the leading representatives of modern Japanese art and abstract painting after the Second world war. One of the first Japanese artists, combining the tradition of the Japanese picture and Western abstract expressionism.

1927 - Sugai Kumi wrote his first oil painting

1933 - studies drawing at the School of art Gotenyama, Osaka

1937 - adopted in the railway firm Gansingen specialty artist-designer

1947 - studying Nihonga (Japanese painting)

1952 - arrived in France and entered the Paris Academy Grand Shomer. Friendships with artists Tabwise Yasukazu, Nomiyama, Huji and other

1955 - creates his first lithographs

1956 - published the search for the Eternal - a collection of paintings and poems, created in collaboration with Jean-Clair Lambert

1966 - awarded the annual prize of the Minister of family Gazuzu Senso

1967 - seriously injured in a car accident

1969 - temporarily returned to Japan. Executes the order at the wall painting, obtained from the Tokyo National Museum of modern art, then returned to France. From that moment he lives alternately in France and Japan.

1981 - works on a project for the collection of paintings and poems together with Ookoi Makato.

1995 - finally returns to Japan.