Armenia • 1210−1270

Toros Roslin (Armenian. Թորոս Ռոսլին) — Armenian painter-miniaturist, one of the greatest masters of the Cilician school of a time of prosperity (2nd half of 13th century)

He worked in the monastery of Hromkla. 7 signature preserved manuscripts of Toros Roslin, performed in 1256-1268 (including so-called Malatiya gospel, 1268, Matenadaran, Yerevan).

In the works of Toros Roslin, marks a peak in the development of the Armenian miniatures, found a bright reflection features of the new thinking, largely departed from the medieval worldview representations. Features the works of Toros Roslin — the clarity of composite solutions, the particular clarity of the interpretation space (achieved by the use of individual methods of direct perspective), the richness of ornamentation, refinement of color (in which bright spots of local color in harmony with a complex mixed colours), the nobility and restraint of imagery. Giving poses his characters with a vitality and dynamism, in an effort to differentiate their personalities and mental state, Toros Roslin was partly overcome the traditional medieval art Convention in the interpretation of the image of man.

Almost all of its activities associated with the scriptorium Romly fortress and the residence of the Catholicos of Constantine I Barzanti (reign – 1221-1267), near Edessa, at the border with Cilicia part of Northern Mesopotamia. Subscription, no doubt related to hand Roslin codes belong to the gospel 1260 and 1262 (both in the collection of the Armenian Patriarch – of – Jerusalem); the gospel of Zeytun (1256) and the gospel Malatya (1267-1268; both are in the Matenadaran, Yerevan); the gospel of Sebastia (1262, Walters gallery, Baltimore, USA). Out Romkla, in SIS, capital of Cilicia, then, the master was rewritten and embellished Mashtots (the Breviary) 1266 (in the congregation of Jerusalem). In addition, several manuscripts are attributed to Roslin or his workshop on the basis of stylistic analogies. All in all, "racinowski" circle includes about 400 thumbnails.

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