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United Kingdom • 1890−1956

Biography and information

Nina Hamnett (eng. Nina Hamnett, rod. February 14, 1890 in Tenby, Pembrokeshire — mind. 16 Dec 1956, London) is a Welsh artist, writer and sculptor.

N. Hamnett studied painting at peljeski Art school (1906-1907), then in the London School of art (until 1910). In 1914, before the outbreak of the First world war, Nina went to France, where he studied art history at the Paris Academy Maria Vasilyeva. Hamnett had an art Studio in Montparnasse in the artists ' colony in the Hive. In the short time she strikes up a acquaintance with major representatives of the cultural life of the French capital — including Modigliani, Jean Cocteau, Diaghilev and Picasso. Hamnett was known for his eccentricity, scandalous behavior, and bisexuality[source not specified 194 days]. After Nina danced naked on the table in the café Rotonde, Picasso called her the Queen of Bohemia. Hamnett served as a model for paintings of many artists. In Montparnasse Nina met her future husband, the Norwegian artist Roald Kristian.

After returning to England she taught at the Technical Institute in Westminster (in 1917-1918). Divorced from Christian Roald, Hamnett lives together with the composer Ernest John Vernom. Then was the mistress[source not specified 194 days] and employee of the artist Roger fry, Nina devoted several of his paintings. N. Hamnett was a member of the Association of British intellectuals of the Bloomsbury group. Since the mid-1920s to the end of the Second world war, the artist lives in London's Bohemian and trendy area Fitzrovia. She's a regular at the artists cafe, where she meets her friends such as the painter Augustus John and the poet Dylan Thomas.

In 1932 published an autobiography N. Hamnett Laughing Torso (body Merry), in which she describes her life in France, and which became a bestseller in the UK and in the USA. In the same year on Hamnett sued the famous occultist Aleister Crowley, whom Nina has presented in his book a magician. Crowley process against Hamnett lost and lost nearly all his fortune.

Nina Hamnett died in 1956 from cirrhosis of the liver developed as a result of years of alcohol abuse[source not specified 194 days].

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