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Germany • born in XX century

Biography and information

Unika Turn (it. Nora Berta Unica Ruth Zürn; July 6, 1916, Berlin — October 19, 1970, Paris) — German writer, artist, sculptor.

In the 1930s he worked as a screenwriter, editor, Director of promotional films at the Berlin film concern UFA. In 1942, he married after the war divorced, the children remained under the custody of the father. In 1953 bonded in Berlin with Hans Bellmer, became his friend and model, moved with him to Paris. Met with Breton, Duchamp, man ray, Henri Michaux, max Ernst. In 1960, when he suffered a severe abortion on several occasions been treated for a mental disorder. After a stroke bellmera, made him almost motionless, Turn committed suicide on release from a psychiatric clinic by jumping from the balcony of the Paris apartment on the street PLEN (20th).

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