Biography and information

Sotaro Yasui (Japanese 安井 曾太郎 Yasui From:Tarot:?, b. 17 may 1888 Kyoto — mind. 16 Dec 1955, Okagawa, Kanagawa) is a Japanese artist.

Sotaro, Yasui was born in the family of a wool merchant. Began his artistic education in SEGUIN Ega Kankadze (Research Institute for Western painting SEGUIN), a student of Asai Chu. At the age of 19 Yasui went to Paris, where he attends the académie Julian with Jean-Paul Laurent (1907 to 1914).

In the initial period of creativity in the paintings Yasui influenced by Gustav Courbet, later cézanne. After returning home Yasui, while continuing to paint his canvases according to Western tradition, but gradually freed from the creative based on the French school and develops its own artistic style. In 1936, the artist creates, in conjunction with several other painters, a group Issui-Kai (jap. 一水会?).

For many years, Sotaro Yasui was known as a great portraitist.