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Alexey Alexandrovich

Russia • 1907−1975

1907 30 September, was born in Samarkand

1927 art school "Memory of 1905" in E. A. Jacob

1927 the newly qualified from Tabor V. A., Gerasimova S. V., Moore D. S.

1932-1935 the graduate school at the state Tretyakov gallery from Fedorov-Davydov A. A.

1935 the organization of the national art gallery Frunze Director

1935-1940 Frunze str., Khabarovsk, Komsomolsk on Amur, Anadyr

FROM 1941 the head of Management on Affairs of arts at SNK the MSSR

1945 the President of the Union of Soviet artists of Ukraine (elected at the I Congress of artists of the Republic).

1959-1960 trip to China V. K. Nechitaylo

1961-1966 Director of the Kishinev art College named. Repin

1963 trip to the Crimea

1967 personal pensioner of the Republican value

1969 comes monograph I. Shvedov, "A. A. Vasilyev"

1969 September trip to Africa

1975 March 25, died in Kishinev

1979 comes monograph of the artist's daughter Natalia Vasilyeva of the father, "A. A. Vasilyev"

1997 opening of a memorial plaque on the house where he died Vasiliev A. A.

The painting "the Tale of Moldavia" H. M. 105х140 1965. Located in the Tretyakov gallery

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