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Ivanovich Ivanov

Russia • born in 1922

Honored artist of the RSFSR. The artist of monumental-decorative art. Brother of the painter Ivanov Viktor Ivanovich. He studied at the MIPIDI (1947-52), then in higher school of industrial art (1952-53.) in A. A. Deineka and Y. S. Grain. Since 1958 he took an active part in exhibitions. Author of thematic paintings: "the Miners", "barricades 1905". "Reports from the front". Works of the artist are in many regional museums and private collections.

Was born in Moscow. Muralist. Painting by Sergei Ivanov is distinguished by the generality, simplicity and traditional artistic language. Graduated from Leningrad College of industrial arts. V. I. Mukhina. Studied under Alexander Deineka, Catherine Grain, Vladimir Kozlinsky. During the great Patriotic war was a pilot of attack aircraft. Awarded the order of Patriotic war II degree, medals "For victory over Germany in the great Patriotic war 1941-1945" "50 years Armed forces of the USSR" and others. In 1976 was awarded the title "Honored artist of the RSFSR". In 1977 a personal exhibition took place in Moscow. Has diplomas MOSH RSFSR and IHO HF RSFSR. Works are in state Tretyakov gallery, state Russian Museum and other museums around the country, as well as at the Royal Academy (London, UK).

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