Igorevich Zagorov

Russia • born in 1951

Born August 12, 1951 in Krasnodar. In 1974 he graduated from the Academy of arts in St. Petersburg, workshop of A. Mylnikov. Member of the Union of artists of Russia

Participant of numerous exhibitions in Russia and abroad

Personal exhibitions:

1993 - Painting, sculpture, graphics, objects. Central house of artists, Moscow

1997 - "Yellow movement." Paintings, collages, photographs. Russian Museum, St. Petersburg

1997 - "Paintings of different years". Gallery "Palitra", St. Petersburg

1998 - Paintings, graphics. Gallery Brumme, Frankfurt-Main, Germany

1999 - "the Table". Painting, objects. Gallery "Delta", St. Petersburg

1999 - Paintings, drawings. Gallery Brumme, Frankfurt-Main, Germany

2000 - "Lyrical abstraction". Painting. Gallery "Aurora", Tver

2001 - "Blue, black, pink." Painting, objects. Gallery "Delta", St. Petersburg

2003 - "the Happy sad". Painting. Gallery Of Marina Gisich, St. Petersburg

2004 - "Variations on a theme". Painting, graphics, objects. Gallery "Jam Hall", St. Petersburg

2006 - "Journey along the coast". Painting, drawing, collages. Gallery "Life of glass", Moscow

2007 - "a Fragment of journey". Painting, graphics. Gallery, SPb

Works are in collections:

The state Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg; the Hermitage, St. Petersburg; State Tretyakov gallery, Moscow; Stedelijk Museum, Saint-Petersburg, Saint-Petersburg; the state Museum of urban sculpture, St.-Petersburg; the Museum of modern art, Sosnovy Bor; modern art Gallery "Anna", St. Petersburg; the Picture gallery, Pskov; the City art gallery, Kazan; Novosibirsk art Museum, Novosibirsk; Museum of Anna Akhmatova, St. Petersburg, Russia; Manege, St. Petersburg; Tsarskoselskaya collection, Pushkin; Nikolayev art Museum of V. V. Vereshchagin, Nikolaev, Ukraine; Gallery Henry Nannen, Emden, Germany; City art gallery, Plovdiv, Bulgaria; art Gallery Bukharskogo University, Pennsylvania, USA as well As in private collections in Germany, USA, Sweden, France, Russia, Denmark, Bulgaria, Poland.

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