Nikolayevich Levitsky

Russia • 1879−1942

Biography and information

...It was noted that the Levites put a lot of effort in order for the monograph "ROERICH" was published exactly as we know it. Much later in his memoirs he recorded the words that can be attributed to his work as a literary editor: "in the modern charts chewed a lot, and when we started work, I often wandered in the painful twilight, for example, will breathe clean air - will make the gag, but if close to the style somewhat boring retrospectivism". In the field of art books Levitical really was a pioneer.

He studied at the Drawing School IOP and in the Studio of Princess M. K. Tenisheva Ilya Repin. Together with A. A. Silovym, S. V. Chekhonin, A. E. Lindeman and the other was a member of the circle of young people gathered at the apartment of S. A. Krasnovii in the early 1990-ies. Already in 1903, began collaborating with the publishing house of the Community of St. Eugene, where he was placed on cards in your compositions. Since 1904 he was a member of "the New society of artists", at the exhibitions which were exhibited to his schedule. Participated in exhibitions "World of art". Since the creation of the magazine "Apollo", in 1909, the Levites - in the number of its permanent employees. From year to year the magazine was decorated by his frontispiece, and endings. By 1996, he had accumulated a wealth of experience as a graphic and editor of several books.

The Museum of Russian Art at the School YOPH was his, given to them as a gift, the work of Copernicus (pen, watercolor). About that time, "when N. Roerich almost from the beginning was to redraw the School," Levitsky was well known by the teachers, many of whom were his friends, and the Nicholas Roerich, whose work he knew and loved. In the archives of the Roerich preserved the Levitical welcome to the telegram sent to the Sink, No. 83 in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the artist's career: "Cordial greetings to the dear Nicholas and native art. Levites".

Now, 80 years later, we can see who was the "arbiter elegantiarum" published by "Free art". It was Vladimir Nikolaevich Levitsky, always try to judge impartially, spiritual, educated, inventive professional. Invited to cooperate with artists and authors he's not just "promised state of the art and grace" - he made.

Working on the monograph "ROERICH" he coped with his task. And if the publisher Bernstein could not "take the trouble on obtaining permission to shoot pictures and to get good negatives, which is an important condition," then the Levites they not burdened.

As mentioned above, until the last moment of putting books in print, he tried to Supplement it with new reproductions. Some of them he included in the book even after the final set of the list of playbacks. And when in 1917 it was decided to repeat the circulation, he insisted on tracing paper, covering reproduction, in addition to saver publisher was additionally stamped title, year of creation and name of the owner.

A particular achievement of Vladimir Nikolaevich became the "List of works for N. K. Roerich in chronological order, in connection with the designation of some information from the artist's life", placed at the end of the monograph "ROERICH"...

...In a letter to Roerich, after the release of the book, the Levites were told about how difficult it was going training. "For all the suffering edit time" [98] had no time to convince the publisher to do so, and not otherwise. To finish the job Levitskogo had been in military service in Tsarskoe Selo.

(From the article of V. L. Melnikov, "N.To. Roerich and publisher "Free art"")

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