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Nikolay Alekseevich

Russia • born in XX century

Biography and information

A graduate of Mountain technical school, he was at ease-coming a student of the Academy of Arts and working hard under the guidance of Professor Lalin, made wax copies of group "Laocoon", in the fall of 1853, and "Orpheus and Eurydice" in 1854 and is known for sculpting from life silver medals: 2nd-23rd January 1853 and the 1st—3rd September, 1855, he, following the receipt of recent awards, was awarded the title of class artist. Of his works known medals: "In commemoration of the benefits brought by the genius of (Karl Briullov)" arts, 1852 in drawing Chukmasov; "the case occurred on 20 July 1856 the 50 anniversary of the Department of engineering.-gene. A. J. Wilson, Imperial Manufactory"; "In memory of the 20-year management gr. P. D. Kiseleva Ministry Gosudarstvennyj assets", 1850, together with A. Lyalin; "the opening of the St. Petersburg University", 1857, Lyalin; "On the 50th anniversary of Alexandrovsky Lyceum"; the Polish — "the liberation of the peasants", 1861; "In memory of the 100th anniversary of the glorious husband (Lomonosov) 1865"; "the death of Tsarevich Nicholas Alexandrovich", 1865. (Cumans)

  • Art forms
    Painting, Sculpture
  • Learning
  • Teacher